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Postcard illustrating Central Square on Main Street in Stonington, Maine. From left to right: Philip Crockett's Store, Small's Drug Store, and a hardware store.

Philp Crockett was Gertrude C. Shapiro's father, and she spent significant time in…

Postcard illustrating the 83 Hanover Street location of the Odd Fellow's Building which housed offices, classrooms, and a student lounge and 99 Hanover Street, which housed classrooms, faculty offices and conference rooms, and Health Services in the…

Advertisement run in the Portland Press Herald promoting a ten lesson bookkeeping program offered by Joseph F. Moran's Portland School of Accountancy.

Postcard illustrating the Rice-Varick Hotel, 32 Merrimack Street, Manchester New Hampshire

Postcard illustrating the 88 Hanover Street location while it was occupied by the Chung Mee Chinese Restaurant Company.
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