Harry and Gertrude


Gertrude Crockett and Harry A. B. Shapiro Wedding Invitation

In the spring of 1932 Harry met Gertrude Crockett. Gertrude was born in Stonington, Maine, the child of Jewish Russian immigrants. Her family had moved to Roxbury, Massachusetts to provide an Orthodox religious education for Gertude's brothers. She attended Boston University for one year and then worked at a local department store. Thought they had only been together for three months, the couple was married on June 16th at the Temple Kehillath Israel in Brookline, Massachusetts. 



Photo Booth Portrait of Gertrude C. Shapiro and Harry A. B. Shapiro

The couple honeymooned in Atlantic City, New Jersey. While there, Harry Shapiro’s father passed away. Gertrude Shapiro noted the significance of the timing of these events: “His father died while we were on our honeymoon. If we had waited, we might never have been married. He might have felt that his responsibilities as the oldest son might have prevented him from marrying.”

The Shapiros moved in to a house at 17 Hazel Street in Manchester. In 1934 they had a son, Edward, and in 1939 a daughter Ann, both of whom would play important roles with the school later in life. Around 1947 the family moved a last time to a house at 106 North Adams Street in Manchester.