Harry A. B. Shapiro in his office

Upon completing his coursework at B.U. Harry A. B. Shapiro participated in a year of supervised employment. He partnered with Morris Finn, a fellow Russian immigrant and classmate, both at Malden High School and B.U., to form the accounting firm Finn and Shapiro in Malden, Massachusetts. 

At some point in 1928 or 1929, after passing the CPA Exam, Mr. Shapiro moved to Manchester, New Hampshire. His education and credentials set him apart from his peers and gave him the opportunity to succeed even though it was the early part of the Great Depression. He had been offered a position performing accounting for E. M. Chase, a distant relative, who operated a furniture store on Elm Street. He later opened his own accounting practice, operating out of an office in the Kennard Building, 1008 Elm Street. He lived at that time in an apartment at 41 Manchester Street.

Mr. Shapiro continued his accounting practice after the founding of the New Hampshire Accounting and Secretarial School. While the school was profitable, it was initially small in size, necessitating the additional income he earned from the practice.